Florida Portable Air Conditioner

Providing portable cooling for projects such as Tents for Sporting Events,
Airplane Hangers, Theme Parks, Large Tents for Corporate Events, and Retail Stores

Sidram is an industry leader in portable cooling offering a wide variety of portable air conditioner rentals for many applications. If you need portable air conditioning in a small office space or a 134,000 square foot tent or hanger we have a solution for you. Our cooling solutions include:

  • Spot coolers
  • Portable 5 Ton AC carts
  • 25 ton Portable DX air conditioners
  • 20 ton trailer mounted air conditioning
  • 25 ton vertical portable air conditioners for tents
  • 100 ton chiller with 20 ton air handlers

Sidram has the equipment and staff to ensure your temporary climate control project is a success. As with our generator rentals, we are available around the clock for emergency needs. For your next event, call Sidram for your temporary cooling and heat rental needs: 954-989-8898