Florida Portable Heating

Heating for offices, outdoor events, tents, hangers, and many other applications.

Sidram offers a wide variety of portable heater rentals for any application. If you need portable heating in a small office space to a 134,000 square foot tent or hanger, we have a solution for you. When you are in need of heat, Sidram offers many Portable Air Conditioning products with built in heaters along with individual heaters for many applications. Our heating products include:

  • 15 KW portable heater rentals
  • Mushroom Heater (propane) rentals
  • Indirect fire portable heater rentals
  • Patio heater rentals

If you need to heat anything from a small office, to a 300,000 retail store Sidram has the heaters in rental inventory. Our staff has several years of experience installing and managing portable heating projects. Sidram has the equipment and staff to ensure your temporary heat project is a success. As with our generator rentals, we are available around the clock for emergency needs. Call Sidram today for your temporary heating needs: 954-989-8898